• Google Fiber

    Sign up for Google Fiber

    Summer is back - so is your chance for Google Fiber! Sign-ups are now open for all Provo Fiberhoods. Don't miss your last chance to get Fiber with a $30 construction fee. Google Fiber has re-opened Provo sign-ups through September 20, 2014. The construction fee will increase from $30 to $300 at our next sign-up opportunity. If you are unsure which plan to choose, we recommend signing up for the Free Internet plan. That way, you can secure your fiber connection for $30 now and get free basic broadband speeds for at least seven years. You still have the option to upgrade to fiber speeds at a later time.

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  • Downtown Provo


    NerdWallet has ranked Provo #2 for Best work-life balance! According to their numbers, employees in Provo enjoy an amazing work-life balance. Out of all 536 cities in their study, Provo received the lowest average weekly hours worked per person. Provo was analyzed by 3 different factors.

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  • 311

    Just Dial 3-1-1

    If there were a 3-digit number to call for fast response, would you use that number? What if you could call the same guy about the burned-out street light on your corner, the growing pothole that keeps catching your car's tire and the neighbor's unsightly garbage cans? Just dial 3-1-1 for just about anything troublesome. The dedicated, friendly, customer service reps can answer simple questions: "What day is my garbage picked up? When is the next city council meeting? Where do I go to vote? They can pass along complaints, suggestions, and resolve concerns

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  • Rock Canyon


    Provo is consistently recognized nationally for its outstanding quality of life, well-being, and as a beautiful place to live with unbelievable recreational opportunities. Today gives us one more reason to brag! Provo City has purchased Rock Canyon with the intent to preserve and protect its natural beauty in perpetuity! It’s not everyday you get a chance to actually purchase a canyon. This is a monumental accomplishment that brings an added value to our residents and another amenity enhancing the already incredible quality of life we enjoy in Provo.

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  • State of City

    State of the City Video

    Instead of grabbing the microphone, Mayor Curtis decided to grab the camera and hit the streets of Provo. Featured in this video is Provo’s organic music scene, array of amazing events, resurgence of our downtown, the unique dining experience, amazing recreational activities, and future projects and plans for the city. Watch this quick recap of 2013 from some of Provo's best.

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